Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Must See...

Rain - The World's Greatest Beatles Tribute... go now and buy tickets... you have to see this show.

We had a great time last night singing along, dancing, clapping and enjoying the atmosphere... these guys look and sound like the Beatles and they put on an amazing show that could easily go on for hours longer than it did. I will definitely go again, as will my father... he's looking forward to another show. Next time I might look closer to home since I found out there was a show in Kitchener and there was one in Hamilton, although the Saturday night made this particular show, along with the chance to get tickets before the public, more attractive.

We did dinner preshow at the Hard Rock Cafe... good food, just a little too loud for carrying on a conversation with everyone at a table of 6.

Our brief visit to Toronto reminded me of why I am glad I don't live there anymore... although it's okay to visit every now and then... next time I definitely have to go to Sushi Time, I miss that place more than anything. ;)


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