Saturday, March 25, 2006

Once Again...

Here I am finally writing something.

Hmmm, what updates to provide...

Well, we now have 2 new kittens, okay they are almost 5 months old so I guess they aren't so new anymore, they are sisters and are named Cleo and Zuzu. Cleo is all black and Zuzu is grey and white. They will be going in to be fixed soon and we will see how much they love us after that.

I received an iPod for Christmas and I love it, I am still copying my cds onto iTunes so that my whole collection will be able to be carried around with me. I have the 60G latest and greatest and am very happy. I purchased for myself a docking station so that I can listen to my music at work without commericals, so awesome.

I am back at Weight Watchers, this time I am going back to the old format of going to meetings, so far so good, unfortunately my loss has not been as great as the last time I went to meetings, prior to getting married. I am just hoping that slow and steady will be successful. As well as WW I am getting some exercise in with The Biggest Loser Workout DVD and with Billy's Boot Camp. I really love Billy Blanks, he definitely provides a good workout. Inches are definitely being lost even if the number of pounds I would like are not.

I will also be participating in The Weekend To End Breast Cancer, so far I am walking on my own, my sister still needs to decide if she ready to make a go of it again, although the number of spaces is rapidly decreasing. I have decided to try and raise $5000 this year, so if you would like to make a donation I would greatly appreciate it.

Today Ken and I tried out Curling for the first time, the opportunity was provided by the NDI Social Committee, and it was a good time. My right knee is quite bruised and swollen but it's all good, I will live. After having a bit of a rough start, yes I fell but hey so did one of my teammates, things went okay with the exception of my hardly being able to get the rock in the house, I always had a little too much power. I did manage to get one rock in but it was knocked out by my own team, it's okay though we still got some points. I am looking forward to playing again. My team won 2 out of 3 games which I thought was pretty good since we had 2 newbies and 2 not quite newbies but it seemed to work for us. Cheers Karen & James!

We were suppose to go to Bhima's for dinner after curling, but there was pizza & beer so Bhima's will wait until next week.

Well, I think that's it for this quarterly report... no really, I will post more frequently. :)