Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sheesh, I could barely see for all the glare coming off of those rocks...

This morning I was presented with some awesome news... my sales support buddy, Ambie, is getting married... she received the most beautiful ring, picture to come, and she was still all giddy with permagrin, such an awesome time... I look forward to hearing all about the planning... I loved planning my wedding, I wish I could throw a party like that every year. :) Perhaps I should start playing the Pay Day Lottery and if I won, I could.

Our office is full of rings and babies, it's great... I already have the one but not the other yet, I still have a trip to Vegas and a trip to Disney to enjoy before I even start to think about such things :)

Of course this is the second big engagement news for me this year, the first of course was Channywee and Jason, I never thought I would see the day, but I am so glad that it finally arrived, good thing I was dateless for that one Christmas Party. :)

Hey... it is the year of the Jason, Ambie and Jason and Channy and Jason... how sweet. :)

Will Trade for Land...

It seemed to work once before...

I don't even have a red paperclip to offer, although I do have some pretty cool Nightmare Before Christmas pens. :) I'll post a picture later.

What I am looking for is at least 2 acres of land somewhere within the Region of Waterloo, no more than a 30 minute drive from Waterloo (hubby is not a fan of commuting, so 30 minutes could be pushing it). I would like to build this house, it's my dream home and it is a place we could stay forever since it is a bungalow, once we are too old to climb stairs, whichever kid is living in the basement at the time can bring us whatever we need... okay, yeah, first we need kids.

We have also bought a ticket to hopefully win this house, we could live here while figuring out where to build our next place... take the tour... I really love the kitchen, ensuite and attic, we would lose a bedroom, but I could sacrifice a bedroom for that kitchen. :) Please take a moment to support The Rotary Club of Kitchener-Conestoga as the funds raised go towards KidsAbility, the son of my co-worker/friend, Rina, is one of the ambassadors for this year, representing Cambridge. Josh's story deserves it's own post and I will talk to Rina about posting it.