Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Life goes on...

After much guilt and some sleepless nights, I think I have come to terms with the fact that Shadow is gone and it was something that was inevitable. Does accepting this make me miss him less, not at all... I have now opted not to come home at lunch, which I would do everyday... spend some time with Shadow and catch up with Days of Our Lives. My lunch hour now consists of me going for a walk around the industrial park where I work and then eating my lunch. The extra walking will come in handy for my walk weekend and will also, hopefully, help me get back on the wagon of weight loss. So wishing it were two years ago.

Friday, August 19, 2005

It's been a while since I have posted something. Unfortunately I have decided to come out of my hiatus with sad news.

Today, shortly after 6:30 pm, Ken and I said our final farewells to our boy, Shadow. We were in the room and tried to comfort him as he received his fatal injection. He had had a steady decline for the past 5 months, going from not using his litter box to walking in circles to not seeing, breaking our hearts the whole time. We tried as many different treatments as we could and 2 weeks ago the vet suggested that we had done all we could and unfortunately there was nothing else we could do. We had to decide whether or not to keep him alive, was it worth it for us to constantly clean up his messes and watch while he circled nonstop or else slept with this head against the wall trying to release the pressure on his head... was it fair for us to do this to him, his quality of life had decreased to the point where he would end up sleeping in his own puddles while we were at work, that is no way for any being to live.

We will miss the cat we adopted nearly two years ago, who was big on giving kisses and being affectionate, until he got sick, who loved to have baths and ride in the car. He also loved to bully dogs and take their food, poor little Ozzie.

Our boy who had no fear is in a better place now where he will no longer be given needles and fed pills or other medications. He can forever rest peacefully.

We did decide to do a private cremation and will receive his ashes back in the next week, I will place them next to the portrait I received of him for my birthday, which I display on my mantle.

Love you Shadow, miss you already boo.