Friday, March 18, 2005

Looking for Sponsors

I am big on doing fundraisers and this has to be one of the largest I have taken on yet. I will be participating in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer the weekend of September 9-11, 2005. The weekend consists of a 60km walk along with Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which are suppose to be extremely emotional... I can believe it... I was bawling during the orientation session. I am hoping that my sister will join me on the journey, as it would be nice to have a tentmate that I know as well as being able to spend some "quality" time with my little sis.

I am required to raise at least $2000 to participate in the walk, otherwise I can help out as a volunteer...I need your help... you can sponsor me by clicking here.


(As of today I am at 17% of my goal... I would like to reach 100% by the beginning of June)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Weekend Report

The first couple weeks of work have been okay. The people are super nice and I enjoy going into the office everyday so I guess I'll stay. :) I do enjoy going home at lunch and catching some Days of Our Lives... I am pretty sure I could watch it in the cafeteria as well but I spare my co-workers the agony.

Today I went to a 4th Birthday Party for little miss Madison, my friend Julie's oldest... there was just the right mix of adults and children, unfortunately I had to take off right after having a piece of cake, which was after a 2.5 hour visit--I didn't dine and dash, since I had promised to take my brother and one of his friends to see ThePacifier , it wasn't as bad as a Bennifer flick but I don't see any Oscars in the future. I wanted to go see Robots, I guess Ken and I will have to go see that one eventually, or rent it. During the previews we saw the trailer for Sahara and my brother said it's a movie we must see, so I guess we'll be making a trip out to see it when it eventually makes it out.

Tomorrow I have an orientation session for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, I haven't registered yet since I wanted to hear what they had to say. I think this will be a solo mission since my sister didn't think she would be able to raise the required funds. The walk takes place September 9-11, so I would like to end it off by going to see U2 in Toronto the evening of the 11th, but I will just have to play that by ear.